Fitting the worker to the job
Adapting the workplace to the person

What can be achieved with a WorkSite Assessment?

Do you have employees who:

  • Are certified “unfit for work”, even though they may have the ability to return to limited / alternative duties?
  • Are certified “fit for light duties”, which are not defined?
  • Consistently “re-injure” themselves or “re-aggravate” their condition, requiring time off work?
  • Have poorly defined return to work plans, and who do not progress at the expected pace, based on their known medical condition?
  • Have a poorly defined or unknown functional capacity, and hence unknown ability to work?
  • Have returned to work, are not coping well, and may require some on-site training or assistive equipment to ensure maintenance of their return to work?
  • Have never had an assessment done on a workstation to determine whether it is set-up to the best ergonomically designed standards.
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